CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program

Where Our Divers Work

Graduates from CDA Technical Institute at work

Companies worldwide employ CDA Tech graduates to fulfill a variety of commercial diving jobs with specialization in marine salvage, underwater welding, dredging, bridge inspection, pipeline construction, and sea wall repair. With such high demand for skilled commercial divers, marine companies are constantly searching for qualified individuals to perform these tough underwater jobs. Applicants who stand out will have marine salvage training, underwater welding training, and steadfast determination to get the job done.

A successful commercial diver will possess an array of intangible qualities in addition to substantial hands-on-experience. Companies actively looking to fill commercial diver jobs are most interested in applicants who listen, possess strong critical thinking skills, and exhibit high communicative competence with the ability to solve complex problems in high-stress environments. If you think you’re up to the challenge, contact CDA Technical Institute for more information on how to become a certified commercial diver. Our graduates have had the opportunity to work for some of the leading companies in the industry. For example, please see the list below:

Companies that Employ CDA Tech Grads For Commercial Diving Jobs:

Bisso Marine:

Blackwater Divers:

Blue Water Marine Services:

Bulldog Diving:

Cal Dive:

Central States Underwater:

Chapman Marine:

Chet Morrison Contractors:

Chesapeake Bay Diving:

Commercial Divers Inc.:

Commercial Diving and Marine Services:

Crofton Diving:

CS Marine Management:

Denizens of the Deep:

Diver Down Underwater Services:

Dive-Tech International:

Dryden Diving:

Diving Services:

Earth Resources Tech:

Elite Divers and Marine Services:

Epic Divers and Marine:

Fathom Research LLC:

Glenn Underwater Services:

Global Diving and Salvage:

Great Lakes Diving and Salvage:

Liquid Engineering:

Logan Diving:

Miami Divers:

Muldoon Marine Services:

Oceaneering International:

Pickering Corts and Summerson:

PreCon Marine:

Sea Sub Systems:

Seaward Marine Services:

Soloman Diving:

Companies that Employ Dive Medics and Hyperbaric Chamber Technologists:

Baptist Hospital:

British Petroleum Medical:

Century Ambulance:

Diversified Clinical Services:

Quest Diagnostics:

St Vincent's:

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