CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program

Underwater Inspections

Underwater Inspections Training at CDA Technical Institute

Deciding to embark on commercial diving career opens up a world of opportunity. With proper certifications and training from an accredited commercial dive school such as CDA Tech, a commercial diver can work in the chambers of nuclear reactor, the depths of the deep blue sea, under bridges and piers and anywhere where underwater structures exist. As a commercial diver you will be tasked with a variety of jobs such as underwater welding, underwater construction, toxic waste cleanup (also known as HAZMAT commercial diving) and marine salvage. Click here for more information about the most lucrative commercial diving careers.

When structures and vessels are submerged under water for long periods of time, the risk of deterioration, rust and other water-related issues are ever-present. This is why an important component of a commercial divers’ training focuses on underwater inspections training. In order to stay within safety and building regulations, commercial divers must survey underwater structures and relay the condition of each structure to the crew positioned topside. The submerged commercial diver will note where modifications and repairs are required. This is why it is essential for any commercial diver to have an in-depth understanding of underwater construction and techniques. In addition, commercial divers can be tasked with welding underwater structures such as pipelines, bridge piers, dams and retaining walls.

You now understand that once a structure has been built and is situated underwater, the commercial diver’s job is not done. Commercial divers are tasked with inspecting these structures to ensure all safety regulations are met. Therefore, underwater inspections training is an integral component of a commercial divers’ education. Click here to learn more about the commercial diving program at CDA Tech, and how our comprehensive and rigorous training program will prepare you for a successful career in the commercial diving industry.