CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program

Underwater Careers for Veterans

Underwater Welding and Commercial Diving is an exceptional career for veterans and ex-military.Did you know that CDA Technical Institute is the only Diving School that is owned and operated by a military veteran and who remains an active commercial diver?

Captain Ray Black has worked all over the world as an underwater welder. For example, he wet welded a 32” pipeline flowing with jet fuel (off the coast of Israel, 11 clicks from the Gaza Strip) in the Mediterranean Sea. He also worked on oil rigs off the coast of Peru and Chile.

Because of Captain Black’s extensive diving and military experience, he knows how to capitalize on the strengths you’ve inherited from serving in the military, and understands how to apply them to a career in diving.

He also understands the challenges that veterans face as they make the transition into the civilian workforce. CDA Technical Institute is committed to our veterans and ex-military and to their success transitioning into a new career.

Work Environment and Culture

A career in commercial diving has many similarities to the structure and function of the military. This can make the transition for veterans into the civilian workforce a more comfortable and familiar experience. The similarities include:

  1. Rigid chain of command
  2. Working as a team just as you’ve done while in the service
  3. Persevering to see the job through
  4. Challenging yourself while climbing to new heights, and diving to even greater depths.

Transition from the military to an exciting career as an Commercial Diver / Underwater Welder in as little as 5 months

  1. Become a certified commercial diver in 20 weeks (Monday - Friday - 10 hr/day - from 0630 to 1700)
  2. Begin working as a diver right out of school with International Diver Certification
  3. Work in the field, not behind a desk
  4. Utilize CDA’s job placement assistants services after graduation

Continue to travel the world

  1. Commercial Diving is utilized and implemented all over the world
  2. CDA Diver Certification is recognized worldwide

Request more info on careers for veterans

  1. Contact CDA today, to learn more about the exhilarating career of Commercial Diving / Underwater Welding, and more!

Underwater Welding and Commercial Diving requires tough mental and physical capacities. Do you think you have what it takes?

Additional Assistance and Funding for Veterans

  1. GI Bill® and Funding
  2. Federal Loans and Grants
  3. Dive Store Discounts
  4. Career Placement assistance after Graduation 
  5. Waiver of Application Fee

* Honorable discharges as stated on the veteran's DD-214 (effective February 1st 2017)