CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program

The Black List - Essential Gear For Diving

Captain Ray Black Sr. | Founder / CEO of CDA Technical Institute


  1. Kirby Morgan 37Kirby Morgan 37 Dive Helmet - The Captain dives with a Kirby Morgan 37 because of its battle-tested and diver-proven reliability. You can find fancier and more expensive helmets out there, but this one makes the Black List for dependability.
  2. Sky Hook - No, we're not talking about a basketball shot perfected by Dr. J. This makes the Captain’s Black List because at some point during a job, every commercial diver wishes he had three hands. This “S” Shaped burning rod helps to free a diver’s hands in a mid-water project.
  3. Shackle Breaker - This simple tool is worth its weight in gold when you’ve got a rusted or over-tightened shackle to tackle. It’s not the sexiest or most exotic tool in the Captain's belt, but it makes the Black List under the principle of always having "the right tool for the right job".
  4. H2Odyssey Mako Ti Point K4A great diving knife. The Captain’s new favorite is the H2Odyssey Mako Ti Point K4. This knife makes the Black List because of its excellent construction. It’s made out of Titanium which prevents rusting and features an easy two point release system that eliminates accidental release. It also has an ergonomic handle for a firm grip that won't slip.
  5. 15 to 20 feet of poly-pro line. You never know when you’ll need some rope for securing, hauling or hoisting. The captain always carries some taped 10-feet back on the umbilical to be used as needed. Make sure it’s polypropylene as it won’t rot, is resistant to mildew, and floats.



Watch Captain Ray Black in action as he welds on a pipeline in the Mediterranean Sea: