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NASE Scuba Training at CDA Technical Institute

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NASE Scuba Training at CDA Technical Institute


CDA has collaborated with NASE to bring their educational expertise and your scuba passion together. This program is offered at our sister school's location in St. Kitts, West Indies.  The program is an intensive 4 weeks, 11 hours per day course of study, and runs Monday thru Saturday.  This program requires the student to be experienced open-water diver at a minimum, although advanced training is a plus.

NASE Scuba Training at CDA Technical Institute


Above all other factors the real world experience you will attain during your training makes this program unique.  The St. Kitts facility is unlike any other in the world, combining all facets of resort operations into a full immersion training experience.

To learn why NASE is the preferred choice of professional divers, click here.

*Veterans' Education Assistance is not available for this program.

NASE Scuba Training at CDA Technical Institute

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List of Equipment:

Buoyancy Compensation Device (B.C.D) $349.00 & up
Weight Belt (optional) $79.00 & up
¼" Wet Suit (Spring 5mm & Summer 7mm) $225.00 & up
Hard Sole Dive Boots $54.00 & up
Scuba Mask, Snorkel & Fins Combo (open fins)  $189.95 & up
Dive Gloves  $7.80 & up
Dive Lights  $69.95 each
Scuba Cylinder / Visual / Stamped / Hydro $160.00 & up
1st & 2nd Stage PSI Regulator / Bailout with Alternate Air Source  $399.95 & up
Submersible PSI & Depth Gauge / Hose  $216.95 & up
Dive Computer $410.00 & up
5 X 7 white slates with pencil (2)  $7.95 & up
Dive knife or Scissors $25.95 & up
Gear Bag (optional) $60.00 & up

 *** Cylinders and weights are provided.
**** All equipment must be in proper working order and meet all standards.
Other recommended items: laptop computer for presentations
The costs listed above represent the minimum price per item and are subject to change

NASE Scuba Training at CDA Technical Institute

Length of Course:

The program of Study at CDA Technical Institute (CDA) requires a minimum of 4 weeks. The maximum number of weeks a student may participate in training is 6 weeks.

Practical Experience Hours: 150
Classroom Hours: 90

Total Hours: 240

Number of Weeks: 4
Hours per Day: 6