CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program


CDA Newsletter - January 2010

More Certifications, More Bottom Time, More Skills

CDA is very excited to announce the expansion of the Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diving program. As of the April class, all students will be completing this extended 20 week program. This program will be the first commercial diving program in the United States to qualify students to receive certification in all of the following: Unrestricted Surface Supplied Diving Certification from Divers Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) recognized by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Commercial Scuba, Topside and Underwater Welding, and Scuba Dive Master. The new minimum bottom time for students is 50 hours.

One of the modules of this training takes place at CDA’s Deep Water Training Center in Ocala, a state-of-the-art diving resort. This advanced certification is also open to all graduates of ACDE-accredited schools and active commercial divers based on an assessment by the Director. Candidates will dive daily performing a multitude of tasks at increasing depths throughout the program. Each candidate will experience dives up to 165 feet and log a minimum of 14 hours of bottom time. The Center has a hyperbaric chamber, a mixed gas blending station, digital video monitoring system, a hot-water system and an open bell.


New Program!

CDA is eager and thrilled to announce our new accredited Maritime Welding Program! In the spring, CDA will be beginning a new 16 week program, with financial aid for those who qualify, which will train and prepare students for work as a welder in the maritime welding industry. Many of our graduates will find employment and adventure offshore, working and welding on oil rigs and others will begin their career building and repairing vessels in the many shipyards that need qualified welders. CDA’s unique location and facilities on the St. John’s River will allow our students to be trained on and around the water, putting our students in a “real-world” environment where they will soon find themselves working. CDA intends to bring the same daily rigors and expectations that made the Air/Mixed Gas Diving program so successful to the Maritime Welding Program, ensuring that our graduates are unparalleled in their training and ability.


cDiver Girls

Winter may be here, but CDA is just heating up! The world famous cDiver Girls came to visit in October and gave a new meaning to the term “bottom time.” You don’t want to miss a single shot of how they spent their day at CDA, which is available on the Newsletter & Media page of our website.