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Highest Paying Commercial Diving Jobs & Careers

HAZMAT Diving:

Hazmat Commercial DiverConsidered one of the dirtiest jobs in commercial diving, HAZMAT commercial diving offers great compensation including benefits an average salary of over $58,000.

HAZMAT commercial divers are tasked with safely removing hazardous materials from various water sources. On a daily basis a HAZMAT diver can deal with raw sewage and other toxic waste. This job is not for the weak-hearted. While others may shy away from a life filled with diving into deep water to repair sewer pipes, a select, qualified group of people can’t wait to see what next deep diving adventure awaits them.

The job comes with many precautionary procedures. From getting vaccinated, expensive safety equipment, extensive decontamination processes to a dedicated crew, every precaution is taken to make sure that the diver is well taken care of during and post-dive. There are many types of commercial diving jobs, but HAZMAT commercial diving continues to deliver amazing salaries and incredible success stories.

Saturation Diving:

Saturation DiversReady to explore the depths of the deep blue sea for weeks at a time? Saturation diving may be the commercial diving job for you! Imagine submerging yourself over 300 meters underwater for weeks at a time? Sounds pretty crazy right? Well, it is actually a common practice for Saturation divers. Don’t worry, after your 28 day work submersion, you will have up to 4-8 weeks off to decompress and will walk away with a hefty paycheck as well.

The market for Saturation commercial divers is very small and competitive and the level of danger is high. Saturation divers focus on tasks such as oil well intervention, installation and decommissioning. Divers need to be physically and mentally fit for the job. There are extensive and expensive training courses specifically for this commercial diving career. Dealing with life threatening scenarios, divers need to be able to stay calm in hectic situations and implement training procedures at any given moment.

This may seem like a demanding career and it is, but many people have dreamed about exploring the deep blue sea and this gives them opportunity to do so. Saturation diving is a team effort, and many people create life-long friendships because of the close working quarters and dependence one has to have on his team.

Nuclear Diving:

Nuclear DiverNuclear Diving is a demanding, well-paying job. This commercial diving career path involves diving into waters that have been exposed to radiation and needless to say, it is dangerous. As a Nuclear diver you will be utilizing the same commercial diving skills as other commercial divers, but in increasingly risky environments.

You will be diving into water that may look normal, but has the potential to harm you. However, with the right training, equipment and skills, a nuclear diving career can bring great reward. For tech-savvy divers, nuclear diving brings satisfaction through the exploration, operations and technical side of nuclear diving. 

In addition, the diver’s radiation levels are constantly being monitored to ensure diver safety.  And at the sign of any dangerous scenario, the diver is trained to abort and return to topside. The thrill of working within a nuclear reactor and the substantial compensation helps to keep this commercial diving career at the top of the list for most qualified and trained divers.


Off-Shore Commercial Diving:

Offshore Commercial DivingOffshore Commercial Diving is one of the highest paying commercial diving jobs that entry-level, certified commercial divers can find. This commercial diving career comes with long hours and dangerous conditions. However, this role is a great way to determine if you’re cut out for a career in commercial diving.

The risk is somewhat lower compared to some of the commercial diving jobs listed above, and also comes with many off seasons. Offshore commercial diving can be very rewarding - from the pay to the invaluable experience that you will receive. This is a great career opportunity for divers looking to grow in the commercial diving industry.

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