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Ready to take the first step to a new career as a commercial diver and underwater welder?

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Are you unemployed or making less than you want to be?


By the Numbers


Beds available at the on-campus housing facility


Number of weeks needed to complete the program


Age required to begin training for career in Commercial Diving


Number of square meals served everyday to fuel your training


We understand Vets. 65% of our faculty are military veterans


Take the first step to a rewarding career today

Seth King

I came to CDA Technical Institute for a career and even though I had a bad background. I graduated and got a job, now I'm making around 3 grand every two weeks. CDA Tech gave me the tools to succeed.

Questions you should ask

I want to learn underwater welding. Is this program right for me?

Yes. Our Commercial Diving program includes training for underwater welding. However Commercial Diving is more than just Underwater Welding.

How long does it take?

20 weeks, full-time Monday thru Friday.

Do you have housing?

Yes, we have an on-campus dormitory.


Work Hard


Play Hard

Week Days will be be full of dive training, PT and classwork but weekends are all yours in America's Playground - Jacksonville FL.

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