CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program

Commercial Diver Slang

It’s slang baby!

If you want to play with the big boys, you gotta know the lingo.  Commercial divers have their own terms and phrases, some of them more colorful than others!  If you ever plan on career in commercial diving, you might want to brush up on a few of the terms below.  Have a choice slang term that didn’t make it on our short list?  Share it with us on Facebook & Twitter!

Deco = Decompression
Airmail it = Tools sent without the retrieval line
The Can = Surface decompression chamber
Sat Betty = Dive Tender for the Saturation System
Diver Candy = Sudafed
“Roger” = Yes
“Hat the Diver” = Putting on the Diving Helmet
“Up & Over” = from the bottom of the latter to the deck
“All Stop” = All operations come to a stop both land and dive

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