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Choosing the right school to pursue your goals as a commercial diver is the most important career decision you'll make. Find out what it takes! Select a challenging career with CDA.

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Not all programs are created equally, Do the research before you dive in! Learn More!

Underwater welding sounds freaking awesome, But which school offers the best program??

CDA Technical Institute (CDA) is the only fully-accredited diver training program with IMCA-recognized training, on-campus housing and a full meal plan.

CDA has got a lot more to offer, easy choice!

CDA offers a comprehensive and rigorous 20 week program. Become a world class diver. A CDA diver.

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And so the adventure begins...

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Not everyone is cut out to be a commercial diver/underwater welder. Do you have what it takes for this career?

Age: 18 or older
Ability to Swim: Yes
Respiration: 15/MIN
Mechanical Ability: Yes
High school GRAD or GED: YES

To be a commercial diver, you could be working in confined space, dark water, limited visibility. The career requires commitment, dedication, and a strong work ethic.

All students at CDA must be 18 years of age, have a strong work ethic, be in good physical condition, have completed high school, (or earned a GED) and pass an entracne interview. Want to get started? You can apply now!

Mechanical skills are a must

Having passed the requirements, the candidate is accepted as one of the elite students at CDA Technical Institute.

Course Work: Rigorous and comprehensive. Be prepared for long days of classwork, practical applications, and studying.

Course work includes all CSA standards for DCBC certification:
Diving Physics
Diving Physiology, Decompression, & Emergency Management Procedures
Diving Equipment, Systems, & Procedures
Practical Use of Diving Equipment
Diving Hazards & Legislation
Diver Communication Systems
Underwater Inspections & Searches
Hand & Power Tools
Water Jetting, Airlifts, Venturi Dredges, & Lift Bags
Cutting & Welding Equipment
Underwater Explosives
Underwater Construction Techniques
Hyperbaric Chamber Operations
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Dive Medicine: Covers Physiology, Decompression, HazMat and Safety.

Top Side Training teaches diver communications

CDA's Blackwater training fully prepares you for the real world conditions of a commercial diver.

CDA offers 3,000 minutes of bottom time, deep water as well as rigorous training in a dark, swift tidal current, limited visibility environment. Learn more about what makes CDA better.

Deepwater Training

After 20 weeks of hard work with experienced instructors, you are a world class diver ... a CDA diver!

20 weeks later ...

Graduation Day ...

CDA offers career assistance and we invite dive companies to visit CDA to recruit our graduates. CDA has a full-time career services coordinator who works closely with each graduate to ensure their success. Have more questions? Check out our FAQs.