CDA Technical Institute's Commercial Diver Program

CDA Technical Institute's Program, Preparation & Flaws

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A CDA Technical Institute Alumni spoke with about the pros and cons of the Commercial Diving program at CDA Tech. Here's a brief excerpt from the article:

About five months ago, I made the decision to attend CDA Technical Institute (CDATI).

I wanted to obtain the entry-level certifications I would need to begin a career in commercial diving. I had spent the last two months prior researching several other dive schools; in fact I flew to Washington to tour the Seattle dive school Divers Institute of Technology, and I made phone calls to the Underwater Centre in Scotland.

I chose CDA Technical Institute in Florida.

CDA Technical Institute’s Physical Training: My Wakeup Call

It was at 0600 when I was awakened by the screeching sound of alarms going off all across the warehouse where we were assigned our sleeping quarters in the CDATI dorms.

Each small room was divided by walls, but they had open ceilings, so you could hear the occasional chatter of the other students around you. The entire place housed close to 70 students.

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