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Top 5 Qualifications of a Commercial Diver

Commercial Diver - CDA Technical Institute

The profession of commercial diving and underwater welding is physically demanding, mentally and emotionally draining, and is simply not for everyone!

However, if you're still reading this and you happen to be a thrill-seeking individual who possesses mental toughness and a 'never quit' mentality, then this may be the profession of your dreams.

This career is for those who are highly organized with a strong work ethic and are able to follow through on a project from beginning to end. Therefore, military experience, industrial experience, and those who are open-minded to a formalized training environment will find themselves well-suited to become a commercial diver.

Below you will find CDA Tech's Top 5 qualifications for someone considering a career as a commercial diver:

  1. Comfortable in an ever-changing work environment.

    As a commercial diver, you must be able to adapt to the most daunting of circumstances. This innate ability to adapt to your surroundings will serve you in your career, as this profession can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable at times! 

  2. Ability to work in close conjunction with a team.

    Commercial diving has always been a team endeavor. The diver always maintains a constant line of contact with members of the topside crew. Reporting on the status of a project and making requests to descend and ascend. In order to operate as an effective unit, strong communicational skills and the desire to operate as a cohesive unit is a strong skill to have in a commercial diver's metaphorical tool belt. 

  3. Possess above-average physical and mental toughness.

    Aside from being a physically challenging profession, an individual considering a career as a commercial diver must possess an above-average mental aptitude which allows them to remain calm in adverse conditions. The individual must be comfortable in confined spaces as this will be required in order to properly decompress and acclimatize once a dive has been completed.  

  4. Love traveling to new places.

    Once certified, you will have the opportunity to travel all over United States (as well as the world) to perform a variety of tasks required of commercial divers. Since commercial diving is employed in countries all over the world - especially ones close to the ocean - you have the opportunity to travel while performing work oceanic contractors.

  5. Passion for the water.

    If you find yourself most comfortable in a nautical environment - whether you grew up sailing or boating, surfing, swimming or fishing - then a career inextricably linked with water may be right for you. If you are a strong swimmer, and feel comfortable in an aqueous environment such as the ocean, a river, or a lake then you will feel comfortable with each job you may encounter as a commercial diver.

If the above information resonates with you, and you're ready to heed the call, take the next step and apply online here, or request more information here.

posted 07/21/2015 in Careers, Commercial Diving, Top Five Lists

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