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Commerical Diving Jobs: Creating Your Resume

No matter what direction you want to go in your underwater welding career, it’s important to show off your skills on your résumé and that means emphasizing jobs related to the commercial diving industry. If you’re a recent graduate of CDA Technical Institute, you may not have much. But underwater welding is a skilled labor job. If you’ve ever worked in construction, welding, roofing, or the armed forces, you’ve got something that will stand out to a hiring manager.

But keep in mind that employers are reviewing these documents for seconds at a time. They’re skimming for your most recent job responsibilities, how many years’ experience you have, if there’s a company name they recognize, and where you were trained and certified. If you can grab an employer’s attention in those first few seconds, you’ve earned the right to earn a little bit more reading time. 

Also, strong résumés don’t have to be lengthy. If you can keep it strong and concise, one page should be enough to feature everything you need to earn an in-person interview.

There are three skills to focus on when writing out your résumé:

1. Expertise

If you have any skilled labor jobs or experiences, make sure these are the jobs you’re listing. What tools did you work with at CDA Technical Institute? What equipment do you have mastered? Were there any drills your instructor was complimentary of after you completed?

2. Safety

Safety is often priority number one when it comes to hiring managers. Discuss your safety record. Make sure to note your familiarity with OSHA. Are there any safety procedures you can highlight? Were you the lead when it came to safety drills?

3. Teamwork

How many people did you work with? Have you ever managed or trained anyone on the job? What about at CDA Technical Institute? Do you speak another language, even if just at an intermediate level?

There’s no shame in taking a previously written template and editing it to fit what you need to land a job in the commercial diving industry. Here’s one below for you to use:

John Diver
123 Willow Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205

Professional Summary

Reliable commercial diving professional and seasoned underwater welder. Educated in OSHA safety procedures and able to handle a number of on-site responsibilities with accuracy and efficiency. Trained at CDA Technical Institute with years of skilled labor experience.

Work Experience

2013 - Present
Charleston, SC | ABC Roofing
• Unloaded materials from truck and unroll roofing material.
• Applied layers of tar, gravel, shingles, and asphalt to roof.
• Managed a team of four roofing professionals who repaired damage caused specifically from storms and high winds.

2009 - 2012
Quincy, FL | Johnson Pipefitters
• Cut, thread, and hammer pipe to specifications, using tools such as saws, cutting torches, and more.
• Inspected, examined, and tested installed systems and pipelines, using pressure gauge, hydrostatic testing, or observation.
• Planned pipe system layout, installation, or repair according to specifications.


CDA Technical Institute | Commercial Diver Program
Graduated 2017

Additional Skills & Interest

• Strong ability to read and interpret engineering drawings and blueprints.
• Extensive knowledge of various welding techniques, including TIG welding, oxy-fuel welding, and arc welding.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Skilled in both mechanical and manual welding practices.

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