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26 common commercial diving words and phrases you'll need to learn to fit in at underwater welding school

Like any other industry, commercial divers and underwater welders have their own vocabulary when it comes to getting the job done. If you’re not familiar with some of these terms or phrases right away, you could be lost as soon as your toes hit the water. But if you know how to talk, you’ll be able to communicate effectively with instructors and fellow students alike.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to terminology you’ll use in your commercial diving career. If you have a favorite you don’t see here, share it with us on Facebook!

Here are your ABC’s of commercial diving lingo:

Airmail It - Sending tools down the retrieval line.

Bell-to-Bell - Working on jobs well from start to finish and being unable to finish early, even if said jobs are already completed.

Coalescence - The uniting or fusing of metals upon heating.

Diver Candy - Sudafed

Electrode Holder - A device used for mechanically holding the electrode and conducting current to it.

Free Bend Test - The ability to test a potential weld without a guide.

Galley - Designated offshore restaurant. Serves food at meal times.

Hat The Diver - Putting on the diver helmet.

Iron Cadillac - The re-compression chamber where you decompress.

Jackstay - A line secured at both ends to serve as a support or guide.

Kerf - The space from which metal has been removed by a cutting process.

Local Preheating - Preheating a specific portion of a structure.

Muppet - Someone incapable of getting anything right unless someone is him how to do it.

Nipples – Short pipe threaded at each end.

OIM – Offshore Installation Manager. They’re the boss on the platform. Pay attention when they speak.

Pipeys - Pipefitters

Quenching - The sudden cooling of heated metal with oil, water, or compressed air to make it stronger.

Root Opening - If you're welding two plates together that are beveled, the root opening is the gap separating the two plates.

Sat Betty – Dive tender for the saturation system.

Tree Trouble – Used to describe when the valves won’t move.

Up & Over - From the bottom of the latter to the deck.

Voltage - The force that makes the electrons flow through the conductor.

Whipline - Come up on the crane.

X-Ray - A radiographic test method used to detect internal defects in a weld.

Yield Point - The yield point is the stress at which a marked increase in strain occurs with little or no increase in stress.

Z-Knife - Line cutting tool with a replaceable blade in a slot.


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