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Where Are Commercial Diving Jobs For Former Military?

Commercial diving companies are begging for veterans to work for them. The discipline it takes, the mission-oriented nature of the work, and the reality that sometimes duty calls you away from home for long periods of time is why a military background makes you a prized possession to employers.

"Veterans always make the best students and the best divers," the Association of Commercial Diving Educators treasurer Don Barthelmess said in an interview with the U.S. Army. “Veterans are used to working in exciting environments, and commercial diving is no exception.”

Navy Divers finish under water dive training

And after just five months of training, you’ll be on your way to working in the field -- in a commercial diving career that takes advantage of all you’ve learned. Where are the best markets to find jobs for veterans?

Here are the top four states* to start your job search that specialize in offshore jobs that match veterans best with the skills they learned in the military.

State Employment (Per 1000) Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Louisiana 0.38 $23.98 $49,980
Florida 0.04 $26.27 $54.640
Texas 0.03 $23.01 $47,860
Virginia 0.04 $27.77 $57,770


If you’re starting your job search and want offshore opportunities, you’ll find the most jobs in Louisiana because that’s where the most companies are based. With nearly 800 commercial diving jobs in Louisiana alone as of May 2015, your search for a career begins here.


With high wages and plentiful opportunities, Florida offers much to veterans looking to establish a commercial diving career after certification. However, the offshore opportunities are limited (as compared with states like Louisiana and Texas) but inland opportunities such as salvage, underwater welding, and more will challenge veterans looking to step into the next season of their lives.


Nearly two-thirds of all crude oil, natural gas, and biofuel originated from oil rig sites off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, making Texas (along with Louisiana) a haven of commercial diving activity for veterans.


Like Florida, the state of Virginia offers a balance of both offshore and inland diving opportunities. But with a booming shipbuilding industry and a heavy military presence (not to mention the highest wages in the country on average) veterans can feel right at home here.

*The following statistics were provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May of 2015 for total commercial diving jobs.

posted 05/19/2017 in Careers, Commercial Diving, Veterans

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