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5 Signs You Are Meant to be a Commercial Diver

1. You cannot stand being behind a desk all day.

Office WorkCommercial Diving is all about implementing the fundamentals of your education everyday on the jobsite. After receiving your certification from an accredited commercial diving program, your skills and training will immediately be put to the test.

A typical commercial diving job can take you anywhere from 50 feet offshore to hundreds of meters in the deep blue sea.

Mental toughness and physical fitness will be required in these challenging and unforgiving conditions. From underwater welding and construction to nuclear diving, you can kiss a regular eight hour day goodbye and jump into the deep end, literally.

2. You are always looking for the next adventure.

Seeking AdventureYou hate feeling restricted, and you like to explore the world while having a good time. You want to be challenged, and like proving that you can ‘walk the walk’.

You like trying new things and seeing what the world has to offer. Jobs in the commercial diving sector can give you just that.

This career can take you inside of a nuclear reactor or to an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean. Whatever path you choose, no two work days will ever be the same.

3. You like to travel.

Adventure and travelYou have always dreamed of traveling the globe and going off the beaten path. You have always wondered what may be in the world that you have not seen before.

You enjoy the water, and know that there are too many things to be seen and done to just stay in one place your whole life. With a certification from an accredited commercial diving program, a commercial diving career can provide you with the opportunity to get paid while traveling and exploring the world.

4. You are just insanely bored out of your mind.

Bored manYou are tired of performing the same monotonous tasks day in and day out. You know there is more to life and you are sick of being stuck in a box. You’re a hands-on person and want to solve problems that provide instant gratification.

You find more joy in fixing the kitchen sink or car than running a report. You need to tap into your technical & mechanical skills rather than your technological skills. Commercial diving is all about problem solving, quick-thinking and versatility.

You need to be quick on your feet, and calm while under pressure (no pun intended). A commercial diving career takes will take you out of your comfort zone and into the deep sea - where it’s all about knowledge, safety and efficiency.

5. You don’t mind getting a little dirty.

Commercial diverHAZMAT commercial divers are placed into some sticky situations; such as fixing sewer lines or removing hazardous materials from water sources. Offshore commercial divers on the other hand complete hours of underwater welding and underwater construction on a given day.

Commercial diving isn’t for the weak-hearted or those with sensitive stomachs. The work is tough, but the rewards are great; including the pay earned, skills learned and the relationships made throughout your career.

posted 07/13/2016 in Careers, Commercial Diving, Helpful Tips, Top Five Lists

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