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Inland Commercial Divers

Inland Commercial Diving

The three questions people always ask Josh Gostomski when they learn he’s a commercial diver are: “Can you weld under water? You must make a lot of money, huh? And are there any really big fish down there?”

He answers: yes, no, and absolutely.

Fish like shiny things, he said. The sparkle of a helmet, a water tank, the diver’s buckle are irresistible to them. So it’s not uncommon for Mr. Gostomski to come face to face with a large catfish, inspecting his work, “just looking at you, like, ‘Hey, what’s up, whatcha doin’ over there?’ ”

Inland Commercial Diving

That’s a good day, when inland commercial divers such as Mr. Gostomski get to work in water that is clear enough to see their spectators. Then there are gigs that involve spending hours submerged in sewage, feeling their way through the opaque swirl of feces to clean the pumps at the bottom of a huge tank at the Allegheny County Sanitation Authority.

Inland Commercial Diver

The work isn’t always glamorous, but no two days are the same, he said.

Mr. Gostomski, a diving supervisor with New Brighton-based Marion Hill Associates, has pulled excavators out of ponds and body parts out of the Hudson River.

Never poke a floating dead body, he cautioned. The smell would be unbearable.

To read the full story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, click here.

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posted 06/19/2016 in Commercial Diving, Helpful Tips, Underwater Welding

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