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Mediterranean Wine Makers Employ Commercial Divers

Mediterranean Wine Makers Employ Commercial Divers

Photo by Jean de Saint Victor de Saint Blancard.

Wine makers are utilizing commercial divers to assist them with aging their wines at the bottom of the sea. 

This initiative to study the aging process of regional wines was co-launched by the Association of Bandol Wines and the Oenothèque of Bandol Wines, in collaboration with the National School of Divers (ENS). “Divers are the only ones with the skills to carry out underwater work,” explains Vincent. In this particular case, a serious construction project is at hand: digging deep into the Mediterranean by building an aquatic cave, dropping the bottles in and covering them layer by layer with sediment.

To take on such underwater efforts, your average diver doesn’t fit the bill. Before the digging can begin, the divers have to find a quiet spot, “away from the pirates.” Apparently, around here, word travels fast, and even more so when what’s at stake is a veritable treasure trove of booze.

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posted 09/14/2015 in Commercial Diving, The Lighter Side

Tags: Wine, commercial diving, Mediterranean, aquatic cave, study


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