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Nathan Farrington - Maritime Welding Program Graduate

UPDATE: November 28, 2016

Nathan - CDA Tech Maritime Welding AlumniMy team is improving every year since I've been over in Japan our job completions have increased significantly.

I did approximately $100,000 in structural repairs in one month just in time for their INSERV.

In January, my company is flying me to SD California for 14 days to polish off my last 3 weld qualifications and some schooling which will put me in the spot as Master Welder/ Master Mechanic. 

I always tell the sailors that I train to be as well rounded as you can in the field, make yourself indispensable or a necessary asset to your company or division, and take the upmost pride in your work and the quality of your work.

If you truly have a love and passion for welding, well then "Nothing is impossible". Good luck to all my fellow brothers and sisters over at CDA and once again I take my hat off to the staff who told me I could do anything I dreamed of.

Nathan - CDA Technical Institute Maritime Welding Alumni

Since graduating from the 4-Month long Maritime Welding Program, Nathan Farrington has gone on to achieve tremendous success as a master welder working for the US Navy as a government contractor.

Nathan Farmington - CDA Technical Institute Maritime Welding Program Alumni

Currently working and living in Japan, he travels 35% of the year to locations such as California, Guam, Hawaii, and Washington state. With all the work he's been doing, he's been able to earn a substantial income and can comfortably provide for his family.

Check out what Nathan has to say about his career in his own words:

"I'm currently living in Yokosuka, Japan working for AMSEC/Huntington Ingall's SEMAT as a Master Tradesperson 4 MTP4. I have my very own crew working under me - shouldn't say it like that - we are a team (family).

Click here for more information on the Maritime Welding Program at CDA Technical Institute.

The good thing is that after landing this job and having such a good resume, I am able to travel anywhere in the world with this company.

I will be stationed with her in Japan for 3 years, but I get flown from here to California, Guam, Sasebo JP, Pearl Harbor, and Washington 35% of the year.

Nathan Farmington - CDA Technical Institute Graduate

I will be going to Guam after my term here in Japan, so I've already notified AMSEC and they responded: "That will be perfect Mr. Farrington, we will have your crew signed up with a few bids by that time". ;)

We have been super busy here in Japan with 3 more ships pulling into port and the same bids on installing new ship equipment. I'm still getting my hands dirty, and that has earned my respect throughout the crew.

From TIG/Flux/Mig/Copper to Nickel Brazing and working the plasma torch, there hasn't been a task I can't complete. I get some tight jobs done because of my size, which I have [earned] the nick name HotRod. They say hands down I am the next generation welder.

Nathan Farmington - CDA Technical Institute Maritime Welding Program Alumni

Since I left CDA, I have over hauled 32 different class naval vessels and USCG ships. One thing that I have learned - that gets my Stars and Stripes - is being able to read Ship Board Blueprints.

Essentially being handed a 300-page packet with detailed information containing naval bids from start to finish, and how to locate spaces and how to work with the other trades.

I have electricians, mechanics, painters, labor workers, fire watches, fitters, welders, as well as Naval personnel that I have to keep informed and working at a speed that will get the job done safely and on time.

You also have to know where to find Fire Marshal's Office (Damage Control), which is located in different areas on all naval ships.

You must also get the hot work tickets signed by the right chain of command, and have them posted and up to date before the work begins. Having chemists called in at the right time to have spaces checked and cleared once you get it all down and have all the trades working at a smooth pace it's truly an amazing feeling.

Nathan Farmington - CDA Technical Institute Maritime Welding Program Alumni I completed my last bid - which was $1.9 Million dollars - ahead of schedule, and we picked up more work right away.

My crew goes home to be with their family in one piece, and they earn the amazing respect from the Captain and fellow crew members aboard these great naval ships.

I make sure my crew knows that it is a Great Honor to be aboard the vessels and take part in rebuilding the world's greatest Navy.

Become a commercial diver.

posted 08/24/2015 in Admissions, Careers, Maritime Welding

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