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Historic Underwater Salvage Operation

Historic Underwater Salvage Operation

It was recently announced that a British-led team of divers successfully carried out the deepest salvage operation in history. The team recovered a staggering amount of silver coins, weighing in at 100 tons and worth an estimated $50 Million! 

The treasure was recovered from a sunken WWII vessel - the SS City of Cairo - which met its fate on November 6, 1942 when it was torpedoed twice by a German U-Boat. The ship was presumed to be lost until 2011 when the UK Government commissioned underwater salvagers Deep Ocean Search to scour the ocean floor for the wreckage.

The salvage was completed back in 2013, but has only recently been made public at the permission of the Ministry of Transport.

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posted 05/12/2015 in Commercial Diving, History, The Lighter Side

Tags: Commercial diving, history, Britain, WWII, silver coins


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