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Top 5 Springs for Diving in North Florida

Blue Grotto - Google Map Image

1. The Blue Grotto

Dive to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet) in one of the largest clear water caverns in Florida! The water is crystal clear and the water temperature stays 72 degrees Fahrenheit year round.

The Cave at Blue Grotto allows divers to observe fragile rock formations and virtually undisturbed layers of silt! 

Watch in stunning HD video as NASE-trained divers explore the beauty of Blue Grotto, Devil's Den, and Ginnie Springs. 

Ginnie Springs - Map Image

2. Ginnie Springs

Enjoy gorgeous crystal clear water, sand and limestone bottom, along with an extensive cave system suitable for divers who lack formal cavern or cave diver training.

The spring basin is large and bowl shaped, measuring in at over 100 feet across and 15 feet deep. One of the main attractions is the Ginnie cavern, and its entrance can be found at the bottom of the basin.

Devil's Den - Map Image3. Devil's Den

The name stems from early settlers who witnessed steam protruding from the spring's entrance during chilly winter mornings. This is due to the temperature of the springs which remains 72 degrees fahrenheit year-round.

The Devil's Den is laden with ancient rock formations, stalactites, and ancient fossil beds dating back to millions of years. The cave expands below water level with a shape described as an inverted mushroom, to a depth of approximately 61 meters  (200 feet).

Paradise Springs - Map Image4. Paradise Springs

Crystal clear blue water with prehistoric fossils embedded into the limestone walls at every turn makes this location a must for cavern and cave divers! The water stays at a warm 72 degrees fahrenheit making this a year-round diving destination as well.

There is a guideline which leads divers to a depth of approximately 100 feet, and for more experienced divers who are full cave certified and properly equipped, you may embark on a descent of up to 140 feet. Paradise Springs is situated among magnificent oak trees and the rolling hills of Ocala, FL which makes this destination enjoyable above and below the water.

Peacock Springs - Map Images5. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs

Recently renamed in honor of the late world-class diver and explorer, this State Park has two major springs and six sinkholes in nearly pristine condition.

With over 33,000 feet of surveyed underwater passages to explore and boasting one of the longest underwater cave systems in the United States, it is no wonder why Peacock Springs is among one of the most sought after destinations among cave divers worldwide.

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posted 04/20/2015 in The Lighter Side, Top Five Lists

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